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When was the last time you felt free to play? Free to just be you? Safe to engage in life full on?

Sensory Evolution Technique™ (SET) is an alternative approach to health & well being based on the discoveries and work of Brian B.W. Goedhart. Simple to use and easy to learn, SET often provides instant, noticeable results and can be used to treat learning difficulties, enhance athletic or academic performance, to promote emotional stress reduction, and much more.

Many people have experienced profound shifts from the instantaneous effects of the Sensory Evolution Technique. If you are ready to take your health & well being to a whole new level, get SET!!!

The SET story as told by Brian

The Sensory Evolution Technique has evolved from grains of truth I have come across in over 20 years of study and experience.


"I recommend this well-structured workshop to all those who are interested in exploring our potential to heal ourselves." James de Gaspé Bonar, Ph.D., Principal, BonarMartin & Associates

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